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We offer competitive prices on repair of air conditioners of all manufacturers:

Air Conditioning Repair in Umm al quwain All of our engineers is qualified across the full range of HVAC systems, from small residential air conditioners to large commercial air conditioning systems. Additionally, REPAIRSHVAC has expertise in server room air conditioning for precision control that includes integrating humidification control and building management.

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All initial fault investigation costs are free of charge if repair work is carried out with REPAIRSHVAC!

Climate control systems generally operate on an ongoing basis which means that regular service and maintenance must be managed under contract. Air Conditioning Repair in Umm al quwain When climate control systems are left without service for extended periods, they become serious health and environmental risks. Building regulations state that all air conditioning systems containing fluorinated gases must be leak tested every six months. As part of our service contracts, we clean all coils and filters and perform leak tests on all HVAC plants.

 Air Conditioning Repair in Umm al quwain prices

Air Conditioning Repair in Umm al quwain prices vary depending on the error and costs involved in repairing the equipment. Replacing out-of-warranty systems is more cost-effective and a regular service visit has not been conducted. As a guide, most companies like us charge £65 an hour for an engineer to perform any repair or maintenance job.

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What if I bought my own air conditioning unit and it needs repair?

Sometimes the online purchase price of a home air conditioner may seem more attractive than the price set by the air conditioning installation company.

We suggest you consider and get answers to the following questions for informed spending:

How much does it cost to install this air conditioning unit?

Who will bear the manufacturer’s warranty on this unit?

What happens in the event of an immediate failure of this unit or during the manufacturer’s warranty period of 3-5 years?

With any mechanical purchase that requires custom installation, it’s best in the long run to have a labor and parts warranty with one company.

At REPAIRSHVAC, we offer full repair and replacement for any defective air conditioner parts purchased from us.

So in the event of a breakdown, contact us immediately and we will schedule the next available engineer to visit and cover all HVAC repairs at no additional cost. In addition, the systems will be maintained annually by our engineers to ensure that they are running smoothly.

1. Compressors:

Compressors are the most expensive part of the repair to change the climate control system.

 The compressor pumps gas that provides cooling or heating, depending on the chosen mode of operation. Compressors that operate at higher pressures than they are designed to operate with, usually have a hefty repair cost. Clogged heat exchanger coils due to lack or lack of service are usually the cause of compressor failure.

2. Fan motors:

However, commercial air conditioning fan motors are also at the top of the list of air conditioning repairs. The air conditioning system fan blades should remain clean and free of heavy debris pressing on the fan motor coils.

Large commercial ventilation fan motors need to have their bearings lubricated regularly to prevent failure.

3. Printed circuit boards:

PCBs are not only expensive but it is also necessary to change many PCBs at any time when there is a control failure. The control panels work in conjunction with the main inverter PCB that powers the compressor. If the compressor fails, you must also change the PCB it is running on. Moreover, a compressor operating at higher pressures, due to clogged condenser coils, will draw more electric current and damage its power board.

Air Conditioning Repair in Umm al quwain

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