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    As summer temperatures soar in the Dubai, more homeowners are installing air conditioners in their homes.

    Home air conditioning repair in Dubai We’ve helped hundreds of Dubai homeowners add reliable, cost-effective air conditioning to their homes – we can help you too!

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    What is the right home air conditioning system for you?

    With an ever-increasing number of residential air conditioning systems available, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you.

    Home air conditioning repair in Dubai Today’s homeowners can choose from a wide range of air conditioning technologies to suit their homes and budget. Options range from standalone portable air conditioning units to sophisticated multi-room systems that automatically maintain room temperatures day and night.

    As one of the few national air conditioner installers in the Dubai for both commercial and residential systems – We can help you navigate the different options available to you. We’ll take the time to understand your needs before recommending a solution that delivers the cooling you need within your available budget.

    Once your system is designed, we offer a complete installation and commissioning service. We have partnered with a select group of approved contractors across the Dubai to design and install residential air conditioning systems from all major manufacturers.

    Check out our range of residential air conditioning installation and maintenance services below.

    Installing home air conditioners

    We provide a complete design and installation service for residential air conditioning systems. We work with leading manufacturers of home systems including lg, daikin, mitsubishi, panasonic, fujitsu and Toshiba. Among them, these manufacturers offer a full range of cooling solutions to meet the needs of all homes.

    Our installation service is available nationwide using a selection of manufacturer approved installers. All air conditioner installers must be f-gas certified, but we only use contractors with relevant manufacturer certification as well. This ensures that your system is installed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and without compromising the warranty.

    Three-stage home air conditioning system

    Our design team will work with you to develop a system that meets your cooling needs and budget.

    We arrange installation with a team of certified installers at a time that suits you.

    We test and run the system to ensure it is working properly.

    For more information about our residential air conditioner design and installation service, contact us through the contact form here.

    Types of home air conditioning systems and units

    Several types of residential air conditioning systems are available to suit homes of all sizes.

    We supply the following types of systems:

    Portable systems

    Portable units are self-contained systems that can be easily moved from one room to another. This type of system is suitable as a temporary solution but has some downsides that make it unsuitable for some applications.


    Easy to install (no professional installer required)

    Cost effective cooling method

    It can be easily moved from one room to another


    Not as effective as the plumbed in. System

    It can be noisy so not suitable for bedrooms

    Requires ventilation, usually an open window

    It can only be used to cool one room at a time

    For more information about our range of portable units, get in touch with us by calling the contact form here.

    Split systems

    Split systems consist of two components: an internal cassette and an external capacitor. This kind of system is easy to install and cost effective to operate. But as with portable solutions, there are some downsides to the system. We usually recommend this type of solution if cooling is only required for a single room such as a bedroom.


    More powerful than a portable solution

    Low operating costs

    Easy to install

    Quiet operation


    It can only be used to cool a single room

    Not cost effective if multi-chamber cooling is required

    Difficult to measure

    For more information about our suite of split systems, complete the contact form here.

    Multiple division systems

    Multiple split systems are similar to single split systems but more than one tape can be connected to the external capacitor. This allows for cooling of multiple rooms while reducing operating costs. This type of cooling system can be scaled for buildings of almost any size and its modular nature makes it suitable for home use.


    Provides comprehensive multi-chamber cooling

    Low operating costs

    Quiet operation

    Can be combined with heat exchanger to provide heating as well

    Individual room temperature can be adjusted


    Higher upfront costs

    Inner cassettes can be unsightly

    It can only work in one mode, cooling or heating

    Requires space for external capacitors

    For more information about our range of multi-section systems, contact us through the contact form here.

    Tube systems

    Duct systems are the most complete type of home air conditioning. This system is most preferred because the components are hidden from view. The downside is that duct systems are very difficult to modify in existing buildings due to the space required for ductwork.


    Almost silent operation

    The most aesthetic option is that the channels are hidden and the ports are disguised with networks

    Very effective

    Low operating costs


    Too expensive to install

    Requires space for air ducts

    Difficult to retrofit, better fit as part of new construction

    For more information about our range of ductwork, contact us with our systems through the contact form here.

    Types of home air conditioning units

    Split and multiple air conditioning systems require an indoor unit (cassette) connected to an outdoor condenser. In commercial systems, these units are usually installed in a suspended ceiling. But this is not possible for residential systems because few homes have suspended ceiling tiles.

    For this reason, many options of air conditioning units are available for residential systems which make installation more practical.

    Floor-mounted: floor-mounted units sit low on the wall in a similar position to a conventional radiator. This allows the pipes to be easily hidden under the floorboards. While the unit itself can be hidden behind a grille or cover, for this reason, floor-mounted units are one of the most popular options for cooling conservatories.

    Wall-mounted: wall-mounted units are located high on the wall near the ceiling. This makes it very effective, but the downside is that it is difficult to hide. A good way to make it less visible is to hide it inside a closet or wardrobe. This makes it an ideal solution for bedrooms and kitchens.

    Ceiling-mounted: ceiling-mounted units are installed in the space between the floor joists. Special residential-style cassette tapes have been developed that are thinner than commercial units allowing them to be installed in most homes. This is the most expensive type of installation, however, old houses may not have enough space between floors.

    Home air conditioning repair and maintenance

    Much like a conventional central heating system, air conditioning systems require regular servicing if they are to maintain operating efficiency. We offer a range of low cost air conditioning maintenance and service plans to keep your system operating efficiently and reliably.

    During the inspection, the engineer will clean and check the condenser and evaporator coils, check the electrical connections, perform a belt check, check refrigerant pressure, perform a drain line check, and perform an emergency sump check. The annual examination should take no more than an hour to complete.

    All of our maintenance work is performed by f-gas certified engineers who are also manufacturer approved. This ensures that your system is maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It also helps protect your system’s warranty, which may be voided if a non-manufacturer-certified engineer works on your system. Details about our air conditioning service are available here.

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